Episode 42

Season 4 Episode 42: C.R. STEWART - The Britfield Institute LEGACY UPDATE & Top 5 Films

It’s ANOTHER LEGACY UPDATE with a San Diego not-for-profit gem!  When it comes to promoting creativity in the classroom, that’s where the "Britfield Institute” comes into play. Plus, their mission is about encouraging young people to value literacy and leadership. C.R. “Classic” Stewart is back to give the specifics of what they’re all about, and the programs they initiate nationwide. Creativity with writing and thinking leads to proper storytelling.  This is an integral part of this nation’s future.  One area this transpires over to is that of filmmaking.  With C.R. creating the “Britfield” saga in his series of books and feature films – certain titles inspire him and Noah to do what they do. Today they’ll also go over their “Top 5” movies of all time and give the reasons why. It’s a tougher task than one might think of.  But GREAT movies do MORE than simply tell an amazing story.  Get involved with the "Britfield Institute” here in San Diego.










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