Episode 49

Season 4 Episode 49: C.R. STEWART - The Britfield Institute LEGACY UPDATE & Eat Your Heart Out with Sponsorships

It’s ANOTHER LEGACY UPDATE with "The Britfield Institute"!  When it comes to promoting creativity in the classroom, that’s where the "Britfield Institute” comes into play.  Plus, their mission is about encouraging young people to value literacy and leadership.  C.R. “Classic” Stewart is back to talk about what it means to sponsor the institute.  With a plethora of ways to sponsor or donate to and through this not-for-profit gem Chad will talk about what comes directly out of those dollars.  PLUS, way back in his youth Chad penned a little something while growing up called, "James Bond: Eat Your Heart Out".  How did that creativity so many years ago inspire and shape his destiny to write the "Britfield" saga, including his latest "Britfield & the Return of the Prince"?  Get involved with the "Britfield Institute” here in San Diego.


http://www.BritfieldInstitute.org/Sponsors --> How to sponsor through "The Britfield Institute".











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