Episode 57

Season 4 Episode 57: C.R. STEWART - The Britfield Institute LEGACY UPDATE & A Franchise Reckoning

This show, should you choose to accept it - will send you on a listening journey. You'll be reintroduced to Chad "C.R." Stewart; call sign (fictitious "Agent Classic"), author of "The Britfield Saga".  He's also the Founder of the non-profit, the "Britfield Institute".  It's a non-profit geared to bringing creativity BACK to the classroom, fostering the youth of America.  Together he, and Noah (fictitious "Agent Voice") will talk about the creative process, its importance, and how the "Mission: Impossible" movie franchise executes the ins-and-outs of that process so well.  Which of the series is better than the rest?  And Noah may just give a non-spoiler review of the new film, "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One" (with some surprise help).  Find out about the "Britfield Institute" at http://www.BritfieldInstitute.org and sponsor their non-profit work!











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