Episode 61

Season 4 Episode 61: C.R. STEWART - Minutes of Ingenuity & Building Tension

Occasionally on “Across The County” radio and podcast, Noah will have C.R. “Classic” Stewart drop by for several “Minutes of Ingenuity”.  The minutes will be short.  The insight will be huge.  The ingenuity will show you just how important creativity, real world applications, solid writing are for books, movies, storytelling, and overall for the growth of kids!  Get ready to PEEK into the mind of the creator of “Britfield”!  Today’s segment is all about the importance in and of building tension with litterary works; and writing for visual media!  Plus, to tie it all together Chad will share about "Phase I" of "The Britfield Institute" non-profit programs (Creativity Presentations).  And, the conversation turns to a TOP 3 list of Noah and Chad's favorite action/ tension building movies of all time!  













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